Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Game We'll Never Win

We want to be a winner in everything that we do. We always work hard to taste that sense of achievement. Along the way, we forget that there is a game that no matter how hard we work, we still are not going to win. That game is called game of fulfilling sins and temptations.

As we clouding ourselves with all those sins, we are diving into temporary happiness that will not get us nowhere. That temporary happiness is eventually a fake, causing us into deep trouble without proper consciousness. Result of the progress is we are furthering into darkness, polishing a black heart into blacker.

I realise that we need to do something about this. We need to avoid all types of sins and temptations, especially the sexual ones. If we want to achieve success and prepare ourselves for a good afterlife, then this is what we should do.

I am going to get a book about how to avoid sins and temptations. All of the input I gained would be shared to all of us. 

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